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Current Catalogs and Newsletters

Thorndike Press catalogs are now available in a digital format which are INTERACTIVE, INFORMATIONAL, EASY TO USE, AND CAN BE DOWNLOADED AS A PDF . . .

Current catalog(s) available in digital format:
2014 December Digital Catalog
2015 January Digital Catalog
2015 February Digital Catalog

Our Catalogs now list in each standing order only the large print books that will ship in that catalog month. The number of standing order titles shipping each month will vary due to the simultaneous publications, but the annual standing order total will not change. For those who want to know what the scheduled titles are for each month, please contact your Large Print Sales Representative.

LARGE PRINT NEWS from the editors at Thorndike Press
Join Thorndike Press’s editors every month for the latest Large Print news, publishing trends, and title picks for your collection. We’ll keep you up to date on what’s happening in our world . . . including Editor's Picks, Indie Picks, Award-winners, and much more. Download our current Thorndike Press Newsletter available below.

Current print catalog(s) and newsletter(s).

  • 2015 March Catalog [pdf, 3.51 MB]
  • 2015 March Large Print Order Form by Genre [pdf, 764 KB]
  • 2015 March Large Print Order Form by Genre (legal) [xls, 136 KB]
  • 2015 March Large Print Series titles (legal) [xls, 154 KB]
  • 2015 February Catalog [pdf, 3.24 MB]
  • 2015 February Large Print Order Form by Genre [pdf, 747 KB]
  • 2015 February Large Print Order Form by Genre (legal) [xls, 136 KB]
  • 2015 February Large Print Series titles (legal) [xls, 53 KB]
  • 2015 January Catalog [pdf, 6.14 MB]
  • 2015 January Large Print Order Form by Genre [pdf, 2.31 MB]
  • 2015 January Thorndike Press Newsletter [pdf, 277 KB]
  • 2014 December Thorndike Press Newsletter [pdf, 295 KB]